Why Squat?

Squatting is the best position to defecate because it helps create the right angle for our colon to release the waste. The Squat Easy toilet step is one of the best inventions to help us squat on the toilet, as by squatting you remove the waste from your colon while helping you attain a natural and more physically convenient posture during defecation.

Why Squat Easy?

Squat Easy has been designed keeping in view the needs of both adults and kids. With a smooth touch, great design and quality material used in its manufacture, this revolutionary toilet step can handle weight and abrasion effectively. The best point is the antibacterial material used in its production. This quality is absent in many other big brands of toilet steps. It ensures healthy toilet practice and also does not let you, your kids and your elders get infected by germs usually found in toilets and bathrooms.

In short, this excellent product ensures the best defecation position in the toilet, helping you enjoy a healthy living style. This great and amazing toilet stool is easily available for purchase online. You can buy it for less than £25. However, make sure that you buy from authentic online shops. 

Benefits Of Squat Easy

Squat Easy toilet stools offer unmatchable benefits for healthy and complete defecation.

  • The squat position is found to be the most efficient defecation position as it creates a natural angle of the colon without bends.
  • This step helps you attain the squat toilet position that prevents many bowel diseases like hemorrhoids, pelvic floor problems, and constipation.
  • Squat Easy offers the right height for helping your kids to climb to the toilet easily and at the same time helps the elders to assume the perfect squat position.
  • The antibacterial element in its manufacturing lets you experience a healthy toilet practice.
  • A clean and waste free colon is essential for normal body function. It prevents weight gain and bloating since squatting ensures complete removal of waste, you have an opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Squatting is a natural position for defecation as it causes the puborectalis muscle to relax that otherwise chokes the rectum causing the passage for defecation to be blocked.
  • Squatting keeps the valve between the colon and the small intestine closed thus prevents any contamination of the small intestine.

The SquatEasy toilet step is sure to meet your healthy defecation needs offering perfect posture. It provides proper height to your feet, pushing the knees upwards so that your colon may attain the proper squatting angle.

Let’s Talk About Going to The Toilet (Survey)

While the modern toilet is efficient at getting rid of our waste, it doesn’t help us get in the right position to eliminate the waste from our bodies.

This can be a contributory factor for conditions such as haemorrhoids, constipation and IBS.

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More About Squat Easy

Benefits of Squatting!

It’s all about getting your knees up – it’s amazing how many people tell us that such a small change makes such a big difference! It’s the easy way to go!

Correct Toilet Posture

Posture affects our body immensely, and correct toilet posture is necessary to prevent health issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon disease.

Bowel Problems

Toilet steps such as Squat Easy help improve toilet posture when going to the toilet and helps with bowel problems and movement. No more sore tummies!

Constipation Relief & Prevention

Constipation is having fewer than three stools per week. Toilet steps like Squat Easy create correct body position during defecation to prevent constipation.

What Is My Poborectalis Muscle?

Squat Easy allows the feet to be raised which allows the puborectalis muscle to be relaxed, resulting in a smoother motion. It makes a big difference!

Hemorrhoid Prevention & Relief

Using toilet steps like Squat Easy can help heal Hemorrhoids by bringing the toilet posture to a near squatting position. Say goodbye to Hemorrhoids!