Customer Testimonials

After a difficult birth with my daughter the thought of going number two filled me with dread! This product was a life saver, for the first time post birth I could go again without worrying about pain! Who knew such a simple action could make toilet trips so much easier. Love our squat easy and as soon as our girl is potty training we will be teaching her to use it too! The anti bacterial feature is great with little feet (and hands) on everything!

Emma MacNeilAmazon Review

Got one as a gift. Such a small change has made such a difference. Wouldn’t be without it now!

Bill F, North Yorkshire

Once you have used this, you realise the benefits and always want to elevate to eliminate. ???????? Couldn’t be without it. We have one in every bathroom and is small enough it just slides under the toilet so it’s very inconspicuous! Highly recommended!

Amazon Review

It’s smaller than other steps plus I love the way it slides right up to the toilet base. Such a useful product.

Michael, Flyde

At last! This is a great product, took a bit of finding but very worthwhile.

Bop7Amazon  Review

The Squat Easy is anti-bacterial — let’s face it — why wouldn’t you have a toilet step that wasn’t?

Kerry, Leeds

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    More About Squat Easy

    Benefits of Squatting!

    It’s all about getting your knees up – it’s amazing how many people tell us that such a small change makes such a big difference! It’s the easy way to go!

    Correct Toilet Posture

    Posture affects our body immensely, and correct toilet posture is necessary to prevent health issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon disease.

    Bowel Problems

    Toilet steps such as Squat Easy help improve toilet posture when going to the toilet and helps with bowel problems and movement. No more sore tummies!

    Constipation Relief & Prevention

    Constipation is having fewer than three stools per week. Toilet steps like Squat Easy create correct body position during defecation to prevent constipation.

    What Is My Poborectalis Muscle?

    Squat Easy allows the feet to be raised which allows the puborectalis muscle to be relaxed, resulting in a smoother motion. It makes a big difference!

    Hemorrhoid Prevention & Relief

    Using toilet steps like Squat Easy can help heal Hemorrhoids by bringing the toilet posture to a near squatting position. Say goodbye to Hemorrhoids!