Squatting Instead Of Sitting Can Cure Constipation

About 63 million people suffer from constipation today. According to the doctors, if you have less than three bowel movements in a week then you are considered constipated. More than 700 million dollars are spent worldwide every year, and health professionals write 5.3 million prescriptions for laxatives for loosening the stool and alleviate constipation.

When you squat to defecate, gravity comes into action. The act of the diaphragm and the gravity together facilitate the process. It also releases the tension on the colon and compresses it gently. The most important aspect of squatting is that it prevents the formation of a bend or kink in the colon that hinders the passage of waste material if you sit upright on the toilet seat.

Doctors usually don’t educate their patients about ways to relieve tension in the pelvis and colon to facilitate defecation. Instead, they prescribe laxatives. Why should you take medicine for things that can be cured naturally with a little alteration in your lifestyle?

Besides, these laxatives only give you temporary cure and make you dependent on them over time. However, adopting a natural position would help you cure yourself of constipation once and for all.

Curing Constipation by Squatting

The colon has an inlet called the ileocecal valve. In the squatting position, the ileocecal valve is fully relaxed, and the passageway is completely open. It makes the colon release the pressure making the process of defecating much easier. On the contrary, in the sitting position, the valve in the colon remains unsupported, thus, making the process of defecating much harder and uncomfortable.

The type of diet we intake has an influence on our bowel movement. Fiber rich foods result in bulky stools that help prevent constipation. However, even if you have an appropriate diet, it still will not be very effective in the sitting position.

Why Squat on the Toilet Seat

Squatting on toilet seats can be quite difficult for people living in Western countries because of the built-in toilets. However, there are separate stools available on the market that can be attached to the toilet seat. These stools or footrests are safe, and you do not need to worry about unhygienic conditions as they are easy to clean.

Constipation is very common nowadays. However, it can be easily cured by using special stools like Squat Easy. After you’ve taken care of your diet and included enough fiber, squatting is the best posture to ensure proper defecation, long-term treatment of constipation and perfect bowel health.

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Benefits of Squatting!

It’s all about getting your knees up – it’s amazing how many people tell us that such a small change makes such a big difference! It’s the easy way to go!

Correct Toilet Posture

Posture affects our body immensely, and correct toilet posture is necessary to prevent health issues like constipation, hemorrhoids, and colon disease.

Poborectalis Muscle?

Squat Easy allows the feet to be raised which allows the puborectalis muscle to be relaxed, resulting in a smoother motion. It makes a big difference!

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