The Man Behind Squat Easy: Graeme Smith

My name is Graeme Smith, I am the founder of Squat Easy and I am passionate about healthy living. I am a career medical device professional working daily in Operating Theatres (OR’s) supporting some of the finest Colo-Rectal and Gastrointestinal Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses internationally.

Often, I am called upon to help introduce new ideas and technology to medical professionals and over the years I have seen both very complex and very simple medical ideas introduced that have changed people’s lives.

In many different parts of the world, I have heard this one simple bit of advice given many times: “Get your feet up to go!”. This advice is becoming ever more regular.

Going to the toilet is something we don’t typically talk about – but we should – as it is something we all must do. A lot of people in the medical world understand that while the modern toilet is excellent for getting rid of our waste, it does not help us get in the right position to eliminate our waste from our bodies.

Getting Our Feet Up Puts Us Into A Semi Squat Position, Which Easily Allows The Mechanics Of Our Body Help To Eliminate Faeces More Efficiently

Squat Easy is a very simple and easy way to get into the correct toilet posture position. I am very proud of the innovations we have implemented in creating this unique toilet stool. It is half the size of a typical toilet stool and so much more suited for a modern bathroom. It is super strong and suitable for all members of the family from kids to grannies. Very importantly, it has been designed with anti-bacterial features and elements built into it – making the Squat Easy the world’s first anti-bacterial stool.

I have been delighted with the support and encouragement from some of the world’s leading Gastrointestinal specialists who have helped me make Squat Easy the very simple – yet very effective product it is. I believe every bathroom should have one.

And that’s every bathroom! Including Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, GP Surgeries as well as every bathroom in our homes. Why wouldn’t you use this simple device to get you into the squat position?

Healthy bowel – healthy life.

Once you have squatted you will never go back.

Squat Easy. The easy way to go!

A million Years Of Evolution.
One ‘easy way to go’ Innovation.

Humans have squatted in order ‘to go’ throughout our entire evolution… And then the toilet was invented.

As wonderful an advance as the toilet is, our anatomy is geared towards squatting. When we go, deep in the digestive depths of our bodies an intricate process takes place and eventually, the digestive tract pushes waste through our colon.

When we stand, the puborectalis muscle helps clinch the colon tight, keeping the waste where it is. Only upon squatting does the puborectalis muscle relax and allow the colon to open fully.

When we sit, the puborectalis muscle only partially opens, preventing an easy flow. Constipation and hemorrhoids can be the result of unnatural toilet posture.

The new SquatEasy is designed to be the easy way to go for the whole family. Adults can raise their feet to get into a more natural position, akin to squatting. Young children can reduce the discomfort of their feet dangling, which can cause constipation.

The new SquatEasy is the first anti-bacterial toilet step – which makes it more hygienic. The new Squat Easy is also designed to fit more snuggly at the base of your toilet, making it less conspicuous when not in use.

Squat Easy is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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